From Aardvarks To Zyzzyvas


                                                                                                                                                                                               Published October 29, 2015






2015 Southern California Book Festiival Winner

Word games can be beneficial to us in a number of ways.  Perhaps their greatest benefit is that they promote social interactions and increase time spent involved with family and friends.  For children especially, playing word games with others provides a simple, stress-free way of enhancing their emotional, intellectual, and social skills, and helps to build their self-esteem while they engage with people in a positive way.  Word games are also an absorbing way to spend our solitary time, and while they are generally engaged in for their entertainment value, they serve an educational purpose as well — challenging us intellectually and providing new learning opportunities.

There are scores, if not hundreds, of types of word games available.  In this book I have chosen to focus on several of those that are most popular or most well known.  My intention is to provide the reader with a basic introduction to a broad spectrum of such games, not to serve as a definitive instruction manual, nor as a source of large numbers of puzzles on any specific theme.



Briefly, Mr. Ritchey's book, "AARDVARKS to ZYZZYVAS", is fun beyond "words"! Curiosity was a big motivator in reading this book of word games as I have only played "Scrabble". Much to my delight as games were revealed, I found myself engrossed in trying out the practice games provided. This book is an eye opener into the world of word play. Mr. Ritchey offers not only the basic rules but also the thinking and often the history behind each game from puns to poetry and palindromes and a favorite "sesquipedalian delights".
If you only do the NY Times crossword puzzle or just play "Scrabble", etc., whole new challenges await you. Jump in. You just might want to stay for the rollicking roller ride it takes you on. And then go back for more!


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